Individual Counseling

Hopesource provides one-on-one counseling that is individualized to each person’s unique problems and goals.  Counselors blend evidence-based therapies such as Motivational Interviewing (MI), Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Stage-Wise Treatment.  Counselors develop rapport and prioritize the importance of empathy, genuineness, and unconditional positive regard of each person served.

Group Counseling

Hopesource provides counseling in small groups. Group counseling helps people improve their connection with others, learn skills to improve relationships, and gain insight into problems and solutions to problems.  Similar to the concept of small class-sizes in school, Hopesource is committed to high quality by maintaining small group sizes run by effective, engaging counselors.


Hopesource provides assessment services featuring master’s degree-trained clinicians. A professional assessment is extremely important in accurately identifying problems that require treatment. Each person enrolling in treatment receives a comprehensive assessment. Once the comprehensive assessment is completed, an individualized treatment plan is created that addresses the problems and goals identified in the assessment.  

Case Management

Hopesource staff provide quality case management services to people in treatment. Hopesource staff believe that people are capable of taking back control of their lives once they achieve abstinence and begin their recovery.  Case management is provided to help people begin to better address the basic human needs of themselves and their families.  Linkage to primary health care, dental care, vocational services, and housing resources assist people in beginning to live complete, meaningful, and happy lives.

Drug & Alcohol Testing

Hopesource provides drug and alcohol testing as an additional component of alcohol and drug treatment. Abstinence is the goal. The accurate assessment of substances abused helps create a baseline and helps people document that they are clean and sober. Hopesource staff understand that some alcohol and drug tests will reveal the presence of substances. We understand. We will work with you on these problems. We are here for you.

Crisis Intervention

Hopesource provides crisis intervention for people experiencing a crisis related to addiction or substance abuse. Hopesource counselors have special training to assist people in addressing the crisis promptly. This includes assisting a person in identifying helpful resources, referring people to appropriate services, and helping them identify and use their internal resources to avoid relapse and improve their overall stability. When the crisis has been addressed and resolved, people return to a focus on the goals and objectives of the treatment plan.

Vocational Services

Hopesource staff believe that work and vocational activities are very beneficial to recovery. People who engage in volunteer, schooland work activities usually make good use of their time. Too much  idle time (or down time)  is usually not good for people in early abstinence and recovery from addiction. Hopesource staff will assist people in learning about community resources, engaging with schools and employers, and achieving their vocational goals.